Fighting for her dreams

Maria De Los Angeles Juca Paguay dreams of being a doctor and helping the needy.


This story is about a young woman who, like all young people, also has dreams, although for now the most important thing for her is to learn English.

Freshman Maria De Los Angeles Juca Paguay is a young woman who fights for her goals and for her dreams. She wants to improve himself and go far with her studies.

She is thirteen years old and is from Ecuador.  Her favorite foods are breaded chicken with mashed potatoes and rice.

De Los Angeles is living well, now, in the United States, but still has not gotten used to its customs.  She believe that Christmas is more fun in her native country, because it is very different from how Americans celebrate it.

Another thing that she misses is the typical food of Ecuador, its culture, its beaches, and its tourist places – but what’s most important to her is her family. “I miss my family and my cousins, I wonder what happened to them?” She said, “I would like to return to my country one day, to see them again”

Maria joined the Newcomers community and found it to be interesting.  Besides that, it helps her a lot that the school is bilingual since she can learn English better.

One of her biggest goals is to graduate from High School. Later she wishes to fulfill her most desired dream, which is to become a great doctor, in order to have the opportunity to save and help the most needy people.

But before that, she wants to seize the opportunity to graduate from college, and help her family as much as possible that she can.

“I hope one day to fulfill all my goals, and above all that this year will be a year full of joy.”


Freshman Maria De Los Angeles Juca Paguay