A past and future, defined by images

Keen memories of Mexico’s beauty define Andrea Sanchez’s past. Images and color will define her future.


Andrea Sanchez has fond and vivid memories of Mexico.  She remembers her pistachio-colored house.  She remembers the whiteness of the snow, and the large and long streets.  She remembers her beautiful family members, close and distant, whom she one day wants to meet again.

Sanchez is a keen observer of colors and images, which she will use in her hoped-for future career as a photographer.  Currently, she takes photography lessons, every day, after school.  She chose Newcomers High School, because she thought it provided her with a great opportunity to learn English.

Sanchez dreams in colors and images.  She dreams of reuniting with her family members in the beautiful places of her Mexican childhood.  She dreams of the beauty that she will capture and create as she masters the art of photography.