The benefits of being a lion

Being an athlete at Newcomers is hard work, but it has many benefits.


Newcomers high school sports require great endurance, effort, enthusiasm, dedication and above all discipline – which can help students optimally fulfill academic duties and school commitments.  Our school offers volleyball, soccer, swimming, tennis and basketball and other sports.

Sports have helped students in their physical and mental health as they work a lot on their gross motor skills; skills that support healthy development.

Newcomers High school sports are a form of learning for students while they have fun practicing something they enjoy.  Sports also carry great responsibility.

And high school athletes see the best competition as they face off against different schools, which makes sports enjoyable for competitors and fans.

The sports that recently ended include soccer, women’s volleyball and women’s tennis.  Those that recently start include swimming, and boys’ and girls’ basketball. These latter are the most popular sports in our school.

Practices are held inside of our high school and also outside of it for tennis, soccer and swimming.

In general, students like how the practices are organized. The hours are not too long.  They usually last two hours, and are a fun form of distraction after a long school day.

The best thing about practicing these sports is that if you are good in any of them you can have a better opportunity to enter a university because sport can be an exclamation point on a college resume.  Sports can improve your future if you put a lot of effort into them of course.

In all sports, there are competitions.  Schools compete with other schools to see who is the best and gain a good reputation.  We have an excellent reputation in some sports, but not in all.

Sports can be emotional, but ultimately they teach that it is better to learn mistakes than to get angry and stop trying. 

It is necessary to have good communication and good teamwork.  If a team does not have that, it is usually in a position to lose.  That is why our sports help athletes learn to function as a single team.  If one athlete is a little better or more experienced than another, this only benefits the team.  We are here to learn and help others.  Sports, at their best, ultimately build great teams and great character.