World of talent on display at multicultural show

Newcomers students performed songs, dances, and a parade that honored their native countries.


Grisneldy Ferreira performs a Dominican dance.

Newcomers students displayed a world of talent in a show that honored their native countries’ cultures after school on May 13th.

Performances included a cultural parade, a singing of Bangladesh’s national anthem, a guitar song and dance from Colombia, as well as dances from China, Ecuador, Peru, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. 

Alesha Shadmani sang Bangladesh’s national anthem and represented India in the cultural parade.  Shadmani joined “to represent my culture and accompany my friends.”  “We were able to see many performances from different parts of the world and a cultural representation of many countries from our schoolmates,” Shadmani added. 

For schools such as Newcomers, where the majority of the students are immigrants from diverse countries, events like multicultural shows are important in helping students appreciate each other’s cultures and customs.   

“It is very important for our school to organize this type of event because it gives us a vision of different cultures,” Shadmani said.   “It also expands our knowledge and interest about culture.”

 To improve shows like this, Shadmani believes, “If we can start the rehearsal a month before then the show would be a lot better than this.”  She also thinks that we should put on more performances that represent even more countries. 

The student government also took this opportunity to raise donations from students to help Ukraine. Those who donated one dollar were given a ribbon as a symbol of support for Ukraine as its people suffer through war.