I Will Move On


You may go away, leaving me by myself

You may look down upon me

You may take all my friends

You may take all the things I used to like.

But will you be able to take my happiness, my smile?

Just like a flower I’ll bloom even if I am half dead after a storm

And I’ll move on.


You may break my heart, my trust

You may upset me

You may make me appear as an enemy to my friends

You may give me a miserable life

But will you be able to take my love for the ones who used to be my friends?

Just like a good friend I’ll love and support them no matter what.


You may influence them to hurt me

You may turn me into a broken person

But will you be able to see me broken forever?

No! Definitely not because I know I am stronger than you think.

I know to be a winner, I will overcome so many obstacles

I will keep fighting and believe in myself

So that I can move on.