Check out the Wonderful Newcomers Library


Students at Newcomers High School come from different parts of the world, and many speak English as their second or even third language. The library at Newcomers is an important resource for students who are eager to learn English and take advantage of the many benefits the space has to offer. 

The library is open for 4th, 5th and 6th period lunch for any student to enjoy. Students will need to get a library pass from the librarian, Ms.Mokim, before going to lunch if they would like to go to the cafeteria and then the library. The library is open every weekday after school until 3 p.m., except for Mondays.  Students can ask their teachers to book class visits to the library as well.

Here are some of the attributes that make the library useful for students:

The library has a collection of books that can help students with their schoolwork and enrich their knowledge. For students in College Now, the library has sections filled with biographies of some of the most prominent figures in human history. For those who are going to take regents or the SAT this year, the library also has guidebooks for these exams. In addition to that, the library has a massive number of fiction books, including manga and books in languages other than English. Students can also use the computers for working on homework or for entertainment reasons.

 Miriam Nabor, a 10th grader who loves reading graphic novels , says she came to the library because she enjoys how calm it is. “It is like a relaxing place to be, it is quieter than the lunch room, I can read books comfortably,” she said.  “It has lots of books and a bunch of different authors, and it’s very diverse.”

The library has interns that can help the students with homework, inquiries about the books, computer problems, and bathroom passes. During the process, interns can learn more about the school library, too.      

Miriam Nabor, 10th Grade
Marc Loza, 12th Grade

 The library also encourages students to expand their creativity by allowing students to make posters and art using the maker space materials. The supplies are always there for students to use behind the teacher’s desk. For students who need electronic devices, computers are available to use for study, research purposes, and other hobbies.

 Marc Loza, a senior at Newcomers, said that people at the library are really nice, and that he is able to use the computers there to help with his lessons.  Through the computers, he said, Loza can also connect with others. “I like computers because I can play with friends,” he said. 

 For those who need to print anything, the library provides paper and a functional printing machine.

 In case students need more information about the library, they can check out the library’s Instagram account,, which keeps students updated about all the activities that go on and posts pictures of student art made during lunchtime. The library can offer students effective tools to make positive changes during the academic year. 


Kalden Tsomo contributed to this article.