Fall came by, I became a senior, 

life felt hard like never before 

I carried the responsibilities

that I never cared about before.


Last year I was a junior 

but with just the addition of one more year

life changed like

a flipped coin.


“Planning and planning, still not sure”

some say with a sigh…

a sigh that pictures the turmoil of youth 

a sigh that expresses the uncertainty of our future. 


This new school year 

welcomes me with thousands of tasks,

lists that need to be done 

for the path of my future to be clear.


Falling into the maze of thoughts

that causes all my hopes to flee,

praying to just finish the college essay, 

I still haven’t touched my paper.


Deadlines coming closer and closer 

I had nothing to write down.

Thoughts untamable, 

running like a wild horse.


The pen and paper

still following the rule of the pandemic,

my thoughts are six feet away

from the paper they need to scribble for.


I somehow filled that paper.

The fear that loomed over me for months,

 becomes a moment

that shaped my life.