How student government is supporting you this year

Several committees and projects aim to improve students’ happiness and well-being this school year.


This year’s student government consists of 21 senators and 4 officials. It is setting up several important committees.  These are their respective functions.

  • Wellness Committee: A committee that will provide a space where stressed or depressed students can talk, to receive encouragement or mental health assistance.
  • Building Committee: A committee that determines if the school building’s facilities work well, and if they do not, how we might improve them.
  • Underclassmen Committee: A committee that helps underclassmen.
  • Senior Committee: The committee that will design the senior yearbook, as well as the senior trip.
  • School Spirit: A committee that promotes the values of Newcomers High School by holding a variety of events, such as “School spirit Wednesdays” in which we wear school sweatshirts or school colors.
  • Colleges and career readiness committee: A committee that works with guidance counselors to help students determine their college and career plans.
Student officers fill a truck with food for hungry New Yorkers, as part of the City Harvest competition

The student government is also organizing various activities.  Ongoing ones are listed below.  We encourage you to participate in them.

  • Kindness months: The student government would like to spread the idea of being kind to others.  Students can write notes of kindness on paper leaves, and share them with others.
  • City Harvest: The purpose of this city-wide competition is to feed people who are suffering hunger in New York City.  The school that collects the most food (by weight) will receive an award.
  • Survey for entry music preference: Responding to students’ requests, our school decided to play music during students’ morning arrivals.   A survey will determine Newcomers’ most popular musical preferences, which will help determine what is played in the mornings. 
  • Ambassador program: Through this program, ambassadors will help newly-enrolled students grow familiar with everything that happens in the school. Ambassadors will represent the most common native languages that are spoken at our school.


If you have any questions, comments or recommendations, please fill out the paper survey on the wall in front of the library.  We look forward to hearing from you!