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How to make academic progress, and create opportunities for college.


Once you enter high school, you explore a completely different world than middle school, especially if you dreamt that an American school would be like High School Musical.  High school is a little different from that fantasy. Students who don’t sing or dance need to  have strong academic records.

Universities are going to be looking at you and your abilities.  It’s important to remember to strive for the best grades to take advantage of high school.

As early as sophomore year, you can start attending university fairs throughout this big city.  These will inform you about possible careers and scholarship opportunities.

Junior Isabela Escobar




Isabela Escobar is a junior at Newcomers. She’s interested in Columbia University for its medical program. She has been recognized for her merits of honor and good grades in her academic record.  

“I always pay attention in class and turn in my work on time and participate in activities because that will give me extra credit,”  Isabela said. “ I maintain high averages and also participate in extracurricular activities.” 

Isabela said that attending tutoring sessions can improve your grades and give you different options for future. 

Isabela has already made a wish list of  universities that she wants to attend.  This will keep her organized, as she weighs her options for college. 

Senior Time!

Senior year is time to focus on your college essays, and let your writing ability shine through. It is the time to apply for college and confirm how to begin advancing towards your dream career.

Senior, Andrea Monge

Andrea Monge is a senior, and she’s about to finish her process.

She doesn’t have any special plans and isn’t looking for information yet about how to get scholarships or what career she wants.

“I don’t know how to get an scholarship or something like that,” Andrea said.  “I’m looking for universities but they are so expensive and I can’t afford them so I’m going to think about it when the moment arrives.”

Finally have a good process in high school are going to help in your entire life with the best choice.

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