New Covid variant threatens school life in New York City

Newcomers students are scared of the new, highly contagious variant of the virus.


The most recent Covid-19 variant that could cause lockdowns throughout the globe is known as “Omicron.”  The World Health Organization (WHO) reported cases of Omicron  for the first time on November 24 in Botswana and South Africa.

Covid 19 has claimed millions of lives around the world and the possibility of finding a cure or permanent solution for this disease seems increasingly distant due to all of the variants that have appeared.

Omicron represents a high risk since it has been confirmed in other countries such as Japan, China, Canada, and Spain.  In response, several countries around the world have given orders to deny entry to passengers from various countries in African countries – in an attempt to stop the spread of the new strain.

We still need more data about this new variant to determine if it is going to be more dangerous or easier to spread.  The WHO is still working on getting more data about the potential impact of the variant in our existing countermeasures.

‘’Most of us don’t know about all of this’’ Silvia Mikaela Rivera Paspuel, a student at Newcomers, said, but it is “so important to write about it in the newspaper.”

‘‘In my school life, the lockdown did not affect me as much as other people because I took it as a chance to learn more, in my classes,” Rivera Paspuel added.  “I did better since I could focus more on class with no distractions around me. I still missed my friends a lot.’’

“It was hard at first,” Sofia Sari, a freshman, said.  “Online school wasn’t working for me and it was very difficult to me to focus.”

‘’I would feel so much pressure if I needed to go back to a lockdown’’ Sari said. ‘’ I like spending time with my friends’’ Rivera Paspuel said.

‘’It was very hard to everyone at first but we got used to the pandemic,” Rivera Paspuel said.

“Some people are not being careful about Covid anymore, but there are people who are’’ Sofia Sari said.