The Internet is much more than a technology

We use the internet more than ever, but also face the greatest dangers. 

The Internet is much more than a technology


The Internet has revolutionized the world, to the point that it has become a global means of communication in our daily lives.

This is especially true of social networks.  Nowadays, no one can be far from social networks because they are so necessary for communication.

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and WhatsApp are important ways for us to connect with each other.  These major platforms are used by most of the world.  There are also risks.  Therefore it is important to be careful with whomever you are interacting with.


Social networks have become a space in which we form and build relationships, configure our own identities, express ourselves and get to know the world around us.

“The truth is, I think that social networks are important today,” Sara Escovar, a senior at Newcomers, said. “We all use the internet; it is a very important source.”

 Beyond its many advantages, the internet can also affect our mental health. In fact, excessive use of the Internet can affect the brain, causing addiction and brain damage.

Not everything that is said on the internet is true.  Certain web pages are lies, and have unreliable information.  Besides that, there is danger because not all people use the internet for a common good.  Malicious people use it for harassment, such as cyberbullying.  Others use if for fake news.

“ The truth is that I recommend that people be careful.  The internet is a tool but sometimes it can be dangerous depending on who uses it,” Nataly Peña, a freshman, said. “I know because I’ve been through it so I don’t recommend it to anyone.”

“ The internet is a great learning and communication tool.  However improper use of it can affect people; especially young people,” Andrea Diaz a so a said.

We cannot deny that the Internet is an essential part of the lives of people who want to be in close contact with others, and well informed. But a moderate and responsible use of it is needed. In order not to fall victim to bad pages, we must all compare the information on whatever topics we are looking for. That is to say, use this amazing invention in a proper way.

Photo of Andrea Diaz, a high school student.