What makes a good pet?

What can you do to raise a happy and healthy pet?


Each pet has different flaws.  Cats are independent, and dogs are loyal.  This doesn’t make a cat a bad pet, but what is considered a good pet?

One reason that pets can be good is that they can help with loneliness and anxiety.  Pets are good for people who want to be happy and feel less lonely.

A pet can be good because of the support and encouragement you give to the pet. And a pet can be good because you take care of them and they take care of you. You can help a pet be good by being nice to it, and helpful.

“A pet can be good if you feed it and take care of it,” Samantha Lovena, a freshmen, said.  “And when they’re really quiet they can be a good pet.”

And when you keep them happy and play with them, it can also make them a good pet, because they’re less lonely.

“A pet can be good if it is smart and friendly,” Adrian Ben a sophomore, said,” and if it’s affectionate to its owners.”

Always playing with pets and taking them out every day for fresh air can also help pets to become happier and friendlier.

When they have company, and when they have friends to play with, this keeps them happier and busier. That can also make them good pets.

Buying them toys that they can play with makes them feel especially happy when you play with them.