“Looking to be Free” 


“Looking to be Free” by Lady Castro

(Inspired by “Sympathy” by Paul Lawrence Dunbar)

The dawn was beginning
And through the window I saw
Parent’s sweat when working
And the smiles of children when playing.

Each person living in their world
But what about the youth?
They are living under a grey cloud
They are confused about the concept of happiness.

And yes, being a teenager is complicated
When times have changed.
Labyrinths appear without exits
And great wishes to know true freedom.

But how?, a thousand times I wonder, how?
It’s true, being a teenager these days is challenging.
The fear of being ourselves does not compare
To the size of the universe.

How much despair exists
For choosing the perfect outfit, for living being popular
And above all for having the art
Of fitting into this youthful world?

A world with sketches of violence
Decorated with brushstrokes of discrimination
With glitter from friendships
And heartbreaks
With an outline full of harassment
And trust towards parents is fading more and more.

And there, right at that moment
Is where we lift our heads and look
That we are walking under a gray cloud
With the certainty that we are living our life in a cage
Full of darkness and pain.

Living with infinite ideas wandering in our minds
Swallowing what we thought was air
Finding stones tied to our feet
But hoping to one day experience freedom.

Of course, it is possible to swim in the ocean
We love without drowning
Of course, it is possible to swim in the ocean
Without turning into water.

And yes, right at that moment we started to escape
And run towards the end of the tunnel
In search of the light
That illuminates our lives.

Screaming from the four winds
We want to be free!
We want to be happy!
We really want to be young!
We want the flowers of our youth
to bloom in the spring of my life!.